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Cardiovascular Interventional Imaging Forum Korea 2024
Cardiovascular Interventional Imaging Forum Korea 2024

Cardiovascular Interventional
Imaging Forum Korea 2024
June 7 ~8, 2024
Kimdaejung Convention Center,
Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea

Program 2015

Day 1. 2015 K-Imaging (Main Arena)
일시: 2015년 5월 29일(금)
장소: 인제의대 일산백병원
09:00 등록 
09:50~10:00 Opening Remark
10:00~12:00 Korea-Japan Joint Symposium
In-Stent Restenosis & Neoatherosclerosis
양주영/Shiro Uemura
1. Contribution of neointimal hemorrhage to neoatherosclerosis formation and aggressive intimal hyperplasia after DES implantation Kenichi fujii
2. Different ISR pattern by OCT can predict different outcomes 김중선 
3. Clinical impact of in-stent neoatherosclerosis on long-term clinical outcomes Hiromasa Otake
4. IVUS Guided DEB vs. DES in ISR treatment  이성윤
5. OCT Guided ISR / Neoatherdosclerosis Treatment   최소연
Discussant: 김기석, 홍영준, Shin Takiuchi , Takashi Kubo, Shinjo Sonoda, 허승호  
12:00~12:20 Pause
12:20~13:20 Focus meeting in Imaging Group (with lunch ) 이원로/전동운
1 Modification of treatment strategy after FFR measurement 도준형
2. Usefulness of ultrasound at endovascular therapy Hiroshi Suzuki
3. Image-guided BTK and BTA intervention (CO2 angiography 포함) 라승운
4. OCT-guided PCI in DES Takashi Kubo
Discussant: 권성욱, 조윤형,  Ichiro Hamanaka, 임성훈, Jerzy Pregowski, 임영효  
13:20~13:30 등록  / Opening Remark 2 
13:30~14:45 Optimizing Intervention with Imaging & Physiology :  Gary S Mintz / 이성윤
1.  Imaging & Physiology in patients with Drug-eluting balloon   신은석
2. OCT guided PCI of STEMI Shiro Uemura
3. A Novel IVUS Finding to Predict Late Vessel Enlargement: Peri-medial High echoic Band (PHB) Hiroyuki Okura
4. What we learn about deferring coronary disease from the IVUS and FFR registry 남창욱
Discussant: 이봉렬, 양정훈, 유승기, 이상엽, 강웅철, Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Chico  
14:45~15:00 Pause
15:00~16:00 Near-Infrared (NIR) IVUS  탁승제 / Hiroshi Suzuki
1. How it works ?   최병주
2. Realworld experince of NIR (cases) 오성진 
3. Impact on Clinical outcomes of NIR  Gary S Mintz
4. comparison of VH and NIR IVUS 홍영준
Discussant: 이진배, 김수중, Kohei Wakabayashi, 임홍석, 박종관, 김중선  
16:00~16:10 Pause
16:10~17:40 LIVE from EU: Berlin & Warsaw
-안태훈, Hiroyuki Okura, Jerzy Pregowski
Live Center : Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw  
Live Center: Charité – Campus Benjamin Franklin  
Discussant: Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Chico, 최유정, 남창욱, Hiromasa Otake, 홍순준, 조장현, Michal Ciszewski  
17:40~ Welcome Dinner

Day 1. 2015 K-Imaging (세미나실)
일시: 2015년 5월 29일(금)
장소: 인제의대 일산백병원
09:00 등록 
09:50~10:00 Opening Remark
13:30~14:45 CT / MR / PET   up-to-Date  : 허승호 / 한승환 
1. Exploring Abilities, Limitations of CTA ; PROMISE, FACTOR-64 Trial, CONFIRM Registry, Michigan Statewide CTA Registry 박형복 
2. Cardiac CT: Beyond coronary obstruction 최진호
3. Role of CT for TAVI./ Aorta / LAA/ PFO intervention 신상훈
4. Thrombectomy in AMI Michal Ciszewski
Discussant: 위재연, 김정아, 김지현, 김준홍, 서용성, 김주한   
14:45~15:00 Pause
15:00~16:00 Key Note Lecture I 이승환 / 이병권
1. Excimer Laser Angioplasty Shin Takiuchi
2. CTO imaging  Ichiro Hamanaka
3. Venous Imaging & Intervention 조윤형
4. Carotid artery plaque imaging by contrast 김원
Discussant: 원호연, 조덕규, 이왕수, 변영섭, 김태훈, 최승혁, Kenichi Tsujita  
17:40~ Welcome Dinner

Day 2. 2015 K-Imaging (Main Arena)
일시: 2015년 5월 30일(토)
장소: 인제의대 일산백병원
09:00~10:30 Which Imaging & Physiology modality should we use ?  김영조/윤정한
1. Intermediate lesion , PCI or Not  임홍석
2. Bifurcation lesion 한주용
3. Diffuse long lesion Shinjo Sonoda
4. Calcified lesion 최유정
5. Ultra mini contrast PCI with IVUS Kohei Wakabayashi
6. Invasive Evaluation of Patients with Angina in the Absence of Obstructive Coronary Artery Diseaseprognosis. 이봉기
Discussant: 신은석, 이진배, ​Kenichi fujii, 김기석, Ichiro Hamanaka, 연태진  
10:30~10:45 Pause
10:45~12:00 LIVE I
정명호/ 김병옥
1.  Case LIVE  
Calcified bifurcation  권현철 / 권성욱 / 이상엽  
2.  Case LIVE  
Diffuse / Multivessel  탁승제 / 도준형 / 조윤형  
Imaging Supervisor: Gary S Mintz  
Discussant: 정우영, Kohei Wakabayashi, 이왕수, 변영섭  
12:00~12:20 Pause
12:20~13:20 Intravascular OCT imaging technology in depth review (with lunch) Masanori Kawasaki/
1. Update of OCT/OFDI Imaging Technology Shiro Uemura
2. Clinical utility of OCT in the optimization of BVS Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Chico
3. Summary of the practical application and integration of intravascular imaging and physiology Gary S Mintz
Discussatn: 김중선, 이현종, 신은석, 조진만, 한승환, 최소연  
13:20~13:30 Pause
13:30-14:45 Key-Note Lecture III 이상훈/Michal Ciszewski
1. What are the implications we draw from OCT-based strut coverage for clinical practice ? 홍명기
2. Non-invasive coronary hemodynamic assessment: Beyond FFRct 구본권
3. Combined Assessment OF Coronary Plaque by  IB-IVUS and OCT Masanori Kawasaki
4. Importance of an accurate statistical analysis in OCT studies Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Chico
Discussant: 배장호, 김수중, 최진호, Shinjo Sonoda, 윤혁준, Michal Ciszewski  
14:45-15:00 Pause
15:00~16:00 LIVE II
Live Center: 일산백병원  
1. 김상욱 / 이성윤 / 서용성  
2. 김기석 / 홍영준 / 신상훈  
Imaging Supervisor: Gary S Mintz  
Discussant:: Kenichi Tsujita, 최유정, 조상호, 김학진, 임성훈  
  Social Program

Day 2. 2015 K-Imaging (세미나실)
일시: 2015년 5월 30일(토)
장소: 인제의대 일산백병원
09:00~10:30 Case-Based Learning   김희열/나득영
1.What should we do for mixed lesion? 안서희
2. FFR guided PCI in ambiguus angiographic stenosis Saidamir Djafarov
3. 계명대  윤혁준
4. Aortic intervention IVUS  원호연
5. A case of repetitive in-stent restenosis in young OMI patient 김송이
6. 일산공단  박종관
7. OCT Case :  Juan Luis Gutiérrez-Chico

Discussant: 곽미향, Shin Takiuchi, 이현종, 김석연, Mayank Goyal

10:30~10:45 Pause
10:45~12:00 Key Note Lecture II 배장호/ 김기석
1. Coronary CT - usefull tool for interventional cardiologist and cardiac surgeon Jerzy Pregowski
2. Multimodal approach vp imaging 김진원
3. A Novel Promising Strategy for Plaque Regression in Pts Undergoing PCI Kenichi Tsujita
4. Molecular imaging for atherosclerosis 유승기
5. The role of FFR to assess pre-operation cardiovascular risk 박근호
Discussant:  김웅, 김원,  박근호, 조덕규, 박상민  
13:20~13:30 Pause


KCTA Session l Procedure management 백성일 / 이성우 
Greeting(Opening Remark) 백성일
1. ECMO, EBS management(protcol) 임분남
2. patient management during the intervention` 이현진
Discussant : 김태우, 전병원, 엄재철, 전혁, 김수정, 김주식  


14:30~15:45 KCTA Session ll How to treat specific lession(IVUS, OCT) 박영배 / 김승년
1. Past & present of rotablation atherectomy 박영배
2. NIRS and VH for characterization 심명보
3. The latest data related to the FFR 이승훈
4. Dissection & Hematoma lession 강형근
Discussant: 이민석, 강준원, 신용학, 박경진, 박수환, 임남환  
  Social Program

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